What Email Service Provider Can Integrate with Your Website?

With the influx and disappearance of many social platforms (and adjustments to their algorithms), staying in touch with your audience has become unpredictable at best through social media. That’s why email still remains the one tried and true mode of contact with consistent results. Everyone is competing for their audience’s attention, and the Inbox is still the most reliable avenue to get eyes on your content.

To build your mailing list, you’ll need to integrate a CRM (Consumer/Customer Relationship Management) tool into your website.

Like many others, if you have a website that utilizes the WordPress platform, there are a lot of options when it comes to building a mailing list and maintaining contact with those subscribers. The following are our top recommendations for every level.

The following is a list of platforms I have personally used to great success. There are many more out there that I have tried, and I intentionally left off of the list due to lack of features, shoddy support, or bad user experience.

Level 1: The following platforms are recommended for beginners through the initial growth phases of your business.

Cost: Free – $199/month


Active Campaign — My personal fave!

Campaign Monitor

Convert Kit



Level 2: These platforms offer more detailed integration, funnels, and massive growth options for those who have large audiences and offer more robust sales funnels and online programs and/or portals.

Cost: $299/month – $599/month




Let us know what your favourite CRM is in the comments, and why you love it. I’m happy to check them out.

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